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Here at Volcano Video Productions we film volcanic eruptions in high definition, make videos, and distribute stock footage of volcanoes. We try to get you as close to an active volcano as possible--without burning your eyelashes.
Mostly we do this by running around and away from lava on Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, but we also work with volcanologists and videographers on volcanoes in other parts of the world like Montserrat and New Zealand.
We've invented a great new card game called Volcanic Disaster! This has been one of our must fun projects ever. Dr. Toy named it one of the 10 best games of 2010.
Our newest educational video Lava Flows and Lava Tubes won an Aegis award for video excellence and was a finalist at the New York Festivals. We've had some great reviews from different audiences: earth scientists, teachers, librarians, and folks that just bought it for fun. Check it out! And now we've got an amazing CD-ROM Teacher's Guide to go with it.
Our bestselling Eruption Update is now in Blu-ray! This film brings you right to the front of the lava with volcanologists from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory as they document Kilauea Volcano's longest running eruption. We update this 1 hour video once or twice a year with the hottest new footage. The latest edition, 2018, includes the recent activity threatening the town of Pahoa, the lava lake at the summit, as well as three extra programs for you to enjoy. You may have seen it on the news, but you haven't seen it so close-up! It is includes a downloadable version.
We have also made a DVD of the popular Understanding Volcanic Hazards program that was made by Maurice Krafft with IAVCEI and UNESCO.
Chances are you've seen our footage on TV or in the movies. We did recon filming for "VOLCANO" and provided eruption footage used in the movie. We've also provided eruption videos to 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, and the "Lord of the Rings" producers to show their special effects wizards how hot lava behaves so they could make realistic "Movie Lava."
Our footage has been widely used in programs airing on all three major networks, PBS, and cablestations including National Geographic, the Discovery and Learning Channels. We've been featured on a variety of TV shows including "Forces of the Wild" aired as part of the NATURE series (part 5 of the series)and narrated by James Earl Jones. We've also been the subjects of programs on the Discovery Channel, NBC, ABC, the Learning Channel, and the Travel Channel.
If you like watching real volcanologists and real eruptions in action, you've come to the right place!

Eruption Videos

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A special mahalo to the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for their continued help and support.


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