January-June 2000

JANUARY: Lava is still all over the place. It pours into the ocean at Laepuki (1 mile from the Park road) most of the time, although it sometimes disappears. On the eastern side, the a'a flows from December crusted over and started feeding slow-moving pahoehoe flows on the flats. These flows eventually covered over part of the Royal Gardens access road and started filling in a wide low area at the base of the pali (slope). On January 15, Cheryl and Ken spent four hours filming a time lapse sequence of a sheet flow inflating about 5 feet. Click on the photo to the right to see this process in action (clip is 480 kb). Another flow is sitting at the top of the pali, burning forest and not really advancing.

FEBRUARY & MARCH: Lava went briefly into the ocean at Wahaula (on the western side, ~4 miles from the end of the Park road), but stopped again soon afterward. Lava is back on the Royal Gardens access road and covering more every day. Cheryl and Ken went out on Feb. 6 and 7 and caught some wonderful breakouts (avi 729KB) from inflated sheet flows. Some rare, beautiful close-ups of bubbles forming on the surface of flows as they come out of the sheet flows are shown here in the photo and video clip (avi 550 kb).

APRIL & MAY: Lava made it back to the ocean, entering in several small dribblets. On May 1st, television viewers were treated to Matt Lauer of the Today Show visiting the lava flows of Kilauea. Jenda was on hand to help guide their crew in and out, and she got some shots of them at work.

June was fairly quiet, with lava just flowing into the ocean.

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