December 2000

December was an exciting month for lava on Kilauea, especially if you like 'a'a (see above)! Several times the lava tubes choked up and lava broke out on the steep southern slope (the "pali"). These breakouts sent a'a flows charging down the slope, taking out new swaths of trees on the eastern end of the flowfield. On Dec. 18 and on the 29th, we caught some nice activity, as surges of a'a came down.

Ken filmed this channel on Dec. 18. He had to climb up on the edge of the flow so he could see down its channel.

Here's Cheryl filming an 'a'a flow from below. As you can see from the video clip, this isn't perhaps the best place to stand for long!

Numerous a'a breakouts pour down the pali.

At the base of the pali, the lava flows spread out very slowly as pahoehoe sheet flows. Here's a little ooze from one of these sheet flows.

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