June-July 1997

June: lots of activity from various cones and from the lava lake itself. There were some very spectacular spattering events!

July 10-14: Lava flows make it down the pali (cliff) and back to the ocean. Officials are concerned about the Royal Gardens access road and the Waha'ula Heiau, an important cultural site.

July 21-22: A wild night on the volcano! Lava continues to shift from the lava lake at Pu'u O'o to various vents on the south and west flanks in huge surges. We witnessed several episodes of filling and draining of the lava lake, coinciding with pulses of magma on the giant southern vent, which is now a full-fledged shield (see video clip below). The flows coming off the shield were very large and some were moving very fast. We also watched as the Pu'u O'o lava lake overflowed its top and poured over the old spillways on the south side, going quite a ways before the lake drained again with tremendous fountaining that pelted the HVO camera on the rim with hot spatter. The May 12 cone on the west side of Pu'u O'o was active off and on with roaring gas bursts (flames could be seen after dark) and minor spatter.

July 28-29: Much of the same, only more dramatic. We got some good shots from above of the pond draining and filling.

7/22/97: Night view of lava welling up and spilling out of the south shield; video clip (140kb)

7/29/97: Pan of Pu'u 'O'o during an overflow. Notice the lava welling out of the new Crater Cone and spilling to the west; video clip (430kb)

Close-up of lava upwelling from Crater cone inside Pu'u O'o; video clip (390kb)

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