September - December 1997

September-October: Things have certainly quieted down on the volcano. The lava is back to staying almost exclusively in the tube system all the way to the ocean. We have two benches building out and occasionally calving off, but no catastrophic collapses... yet. The behavior of the lava pond up at Pu'u 'O'o is still a little unpredictable, rising and falling with no apparent pattern. We had one big surge that broke out of the tube on Sept 27 and an overflow of the lava pond in the crater. There were a few more overflows in October.

November: The lava is still behaving mostly predictably, with two ocean entries producing big steam plumes visible for miles. HVO has reported several bench collapses over the past few weeks, at least one of significant size, suggesting that the benches are growing increasingly unstable. John Kjargaard is back in town and filmed the activity down at the coast on November 9. Clips below:

Close-up view of lava channel as it enters the ocean.

Wide view of lava entering ocean (second entry visible in background).

November-December: Activity in Pu'u 'O'o has been mostly limited to lava welling up in the crater pit and immediately draining away. It is difficult to even see lava except from the air. There have been a few short-lived events where the lava lake filled up nearly to the rim, but no recent overflows.

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