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Cheryl Gansecki

Cheryl, volcano-crazy since early childhood, is a volcanologist, with a Ph.D. from Stanford University. Her research includes volcanoes in Hawaii, Greece and Yellowstone National Park. She has worked as a geologist at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory mapping lava flows on Mauna Loa and more recently on the 2018 Kilauea eruption. Cheryl is co-owner and president of Volcano Video Productions. She is the primary game inventor, video editor and producer, shoots volcano footage, and does just about everything else, too. She is an affiliate faculty member at the University of Hawaii at Hilo and teaches Volcanology field camps for the Black Hills Field Station. She and husband Ken (below) have two daughters.

Ken Hon

Ken is a volcanologist with a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado. He has done extensive research on both active and ancient volcanoes around the United States and in Russia. He spent three years as the staff volcanologist at the USGS - Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, where he experienced firsthand the devastating impact of volcanic eruptions as the town of Kalapana was destroyed by lava flows. Ken is now the primary narrator on the Update, shoots video whenever he can, writes & edits script, and battles computers... as well as being a full-time professor at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

Jenda Johnson

Jenda is also a volcano geologist and co-owner. She earned her M.S. in volcanology from Oregon State University where she worked on flood basalts. Jenda does a lot of graphics and scientific outreach work these days. You'll find a lot of her work on the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Webpage, and in the National Park, including the safety video shown to all visitors.

John I. Kjargaard

John, born and raised in Hawaii, began shooting video in the early days of the current eruption of Kilauea and has the most complete record of the eruption available on film. He began producing video updates of the eruption for the National Park Service, which have since evolved into the current video for the public. John's voice can be heard on the "Eruption Update" video describing his experiences on the volcano firsthand.


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