Volcano Video Productions (originally known as Ka ʻIo Productions) began scientific and educational video production back in 1986. We specialize in volcanoes and are known around the world for our work on Kilauea Volcano. We produced original videos, one with an in-depth teacherʻs guide, and even a volcano card game, and frequently licensed stock footage to production companies. Our most recent work:

Eruption Update: A Firsthand Account of the Current Eruption of Kilauea Volcano (60 min video, versions 1992-2019) Available from Hawaii Pacific Parks Association.

Lava Flows and Lava Tubes (40 min video; DVD here or digital version here)

Teacher's Guide to Lava Flows and Lava Tubes (CD-ROM/digital file)

Re-issue of "Understanding Volcanic Hazards" (also in French, Spanish) and "Reducing Volcanic Risk" (also in Spanish) by Maurice Krafft with IAVCEI/UNESCO.

Volcanic Disaster: The Eruption Prediction Game (card game)

If you are looking to license or relicense stock footage, please contact us at the email address below.


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